5 Interesting Facts About X-rays

Many of us have received X-rays at one time or another, and while they are one of the oldest and most frequently used types of medical imaging, they still have relevance today. X-ray images allow doctors to assess broken or damaged bones, guide surgeons through orthopedic surgical procedures, uncover some forms of bone cancer, and more. This imaging technique is imperative to health and well-being, but what do you really know about this life-saving imaging technique?

Here are a few fun facts you should know about X-ray imaging:

  1. The ‘x’ means unknown. X-ray imaging was developed by Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895 during an experimentation with electrical conduction through low-pressure gases. Roentgen named the imaging device X-strahlen. Strahlen means “beams” or “ray” in German, while the ‘x’ was pulled from algebra’s use of the letter as an unknown number in an equation.
  2. There are two types of X-rays. The two variations of X-rays are “soft” and “hard.” Hard X-rays are used in the imaging of humans and solid objects because they carry more energy. On the other hand, soft X-rays are so easily absorbed they won’t span more than a millionth of a meter in water.
  3. X-rays enabled the discovery of our DNA’s structure. Rosalind Franklin, a British researcher, photographed the first images showing our DNA’s structure through X-ray crystallography. This technique bounces X-rays off atoms against a crystal to create shadow images of a three-dimensional structure.
  4. X-rays aren’t only used for medical purposes. We are most familiar with the use of x-rays in medical procedures, diagnoses, and discovery, but X-rays are used to examine art and artifacts, as well as people and luggage for security purposes. The TSA uses X-ray scanners to monitor for weapons and other potentially dangerous objects in the airport. On the other hand, historians use the imaging to examine “underpaintings” in famous works of art and ancient artifacts.

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