June is Men’s Health Month

Pinpointing Prostate Cancer

Lake Medical Imaging’s PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scan utilizes Axumin™, an imaging agent that makes it easier to pinpoint recurring prostate cancer in patients with an elevated PSA who have been previously treated.

In the past, conventional imaging tests such as CT scans made it difficult to find prostate cancer cells that could be hidden in other parts of the body or smaller instances of the disease.

Axumin™, a radioactive imaging agent that binds itself to prostate cancer cells, is injected before a PET scan in patients whose prostate cancer may have returned after treatment. While other imaging tests have been time consuming and less effective, the Axumin™ scan is done within an hour with less radiation and significantly greater image resolution.

Up to one-third of men treated for prostate cancer will experience a recurrence within 10 years. One-third of those men will develop metastatic recurrence within eight years. With information provided by the scan, physicians can treat both the prostate and other affected areas more effectively.