May is National Stroke Awareness Month

Pioneered by our radiologists, Automated Brain Perfusion Scanning improves outcomes for emergency stroke patients at UF Health Leesburg Hospital and UF Health The Villages Hospital. The RAPID imaging platform utilizes CT perfusion and simultaneous CT angiogram to help identify salvageable tissue up to 16 hours after stroke onset when time is of the essence. Every minute after stroke symptoms start, millions of brain cells are lost. With this groundbreaking technology, the radiologist can determine if there is an acute stroke associated with a blood clot in a major artery at the base of the brain and identify tissue that can still be salvaged before it dies. If so, the patient is transferred to Shands Hospital, UF Health, for removal of the blood clot before further damage occurs. Otherwise, most patients can receive IV medication to dissolve the clot. In the event of an emergency, identify symptoms and call 911 to get to the hospital stroke center as quickly as possible. The RAPID technology then gives specialists fast advanced visualization of the brain when every minute counts. #BEFAST