New Imaging Modality Assesses Diffuse Liver Disease

ElastographyReplacing the Liver Biopsy

Lake Medical Imaging has introduced a non-invasive exam which can often replace painful and expensive liver biopsy for patients who have, or are at risk of, new or mild liver disease. The test can also monitor responsiveness to treatment for those who have more significant liver disease.

The exam, called ultrasound elastography of the liver, can map stiffness measurements to determine the presence and/or degree of diffuse liver fibrosis caused by various diseases.

CDC Recommendation

“The CDC has issued a recommendation that ‘baby boomers,’ or those born from 1945 through 1965, be tested for Hepatitis C, because the disease has reached epidemic proportions in this demographic,” says Lake Medical Imaging’s Managing Physician Dr. Keller. “Although liver disease will be present in only about 20% of this group, those whose livers are affected can begin treatment and counteract significant tissue damage when identified early.”

According to Keller, the test evaluates a larger sample than invasive biopsy, important early-on when there may be a variety of changes.
Baby Boomers

Now, we can assist the referring physicians who are making treatment decisions with greater accuracy while saving expense and discomfort to their patients.

For more information talk with your gastroenterologist or primary care physician.