Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS)

Although ultrasound has shown it can increase breast cancer detection when added to mammography, traditional hand-held ultrasound is not always the best choice for imaging dense breast tissue. With 3D ultrasound volumes and ABUS software, radiologists can peruse hundreds of breast tissue image “slices,” looking at layers of dense tissue to find breast cancers that may have been missed on a mammogram.

ABUS exams use compression and take approximately 20 minutes. This procedure requires little to no special preparation. Leave jewelry at home and wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. You will be asked to undress from the waist up and to wear a gown during the procedure.

The ABUS system was created specifically for breast screening. It automates the imaging process to help provide remarkable image quality, consistency, reproducibility, and sensitivity of whole breast ultrasound in women with dense breasts. ABUS can help physicians provide answers sooner regarding the presence or absence of breast cancer.